Non Profits

Mail-it can help non-profit organizations stretch their budget further by often negotiating down the per-item cost of a bulk mailing, rather than paying for full price stamps.  Also, mailing lists that many non-profits may have are often out of date and have not been scrubbed for inaccurate addresses.  This can cost an organization substantial dollars for wasted mailings.  And Mail-it can be more effective than relying on volunteers to stuff envelopes and mail out critical fundraising requests or important updates.

One mistake or deletion of an address in the mailing process can potentially cost a non-profit the opportunity of a substantial donation.  Don’t let this happen to your organization.

Mail-it works with numerous non-profits and can anticipate most needs before the organization realizes it.  It’s just another way Mail-it saves time, money and eliminates headaches for our non-profit clients.

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